Wonderful day at Pomona!

Last week, members of Krakus Senior Center headed to a picturesque place located at the foot of the Ramapo Mountains and right by Harriman State Park called Krucker’s Catering & Picnic Grove. All of which would not have been possible without the very generous financial sponsorship provided by the PSFCU and PSC for which we send our sincerest thanks and appreciation.

Krakus Senior Center once again organized a picnic at this beautiful location. Seniors, together with Krakus’ workers Zuza Frontczak Dabrowicz and Agata Forys, had a chance to spend time in nature surrounded by gorgeous trees and two scenic lakes. After arriving, Krakus members were served breakfast and after eating together they were able to participate in a game of Bingo and spend some time relaxing in the open air. Subsequently, club members enjoyed a wonderful lunch prepared on site. The picnic continued with party vibes as the seniors were able to listen and dance to live music. Krucker’s staff took great initiative by starting a game called “What’s the sound?” which gave seniors a chance to have lots fun guessing Melodies and laughing with each other. Lastly, to finish off the picnic seniors were invited for an amazing dinner after which they went home together full of wonderful emotions and unforgettable memories.