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Bożena Mazińska


Bożena Mazińska

CALL: 718-594-0894

Program is funded by New York City Council, Department for the Aging and sponsored by the Polish and Slavic Center; therefore, our services are provided completely free of charge.
The program offers information, help and assistance in obtaining benefits in the following areas:

Immigration and Legal Services Program existing in the Polish & Slavic Center was founded in 1994.

The focus of the Program is to assist newly arrived immigrants to adapt them to their new surroundings in the United States. The main idea of the program is to provide legal services, mostly in the area of immigration. The program activity and work is always related to changes in the immigration law and polices.

Our program serves low income families in the area of Greenpoint , Williamsburg and from other boroughs of New York City as well. Our bilingual staff helps immigrants to overcome cultural shock, guide them, and make the process of adjustment a positive experience. Paralegals are responsible for filing all kind of immigration applications, giving out information and translating documents.

Our main service remains to be the adjustment of status and family sponsorship petitions. We also assist in naturalization proceedings, including filling applications and organizing preparation courses, which is another significant aspect of the rapidly growing demand for our immigration and legal services program. Our attorney provides legal advice and personal assistance in immigration matters, landlord/tenant disputes, child support and divorce matters.