What a thrill!

A heavyweight surprise was waiting for fitness class participants at Krakus Senior Center!

Trainer Natalia Pruszko organized a raffle funded by the first ever honorary Krakus Member, world famous boxer Adam Kownacki! After recently visiting and conducting a boxing themed fitness class, Adam has not forgotten about his fellow members and as such, along with his manager Paweł Kownacki in addition to Paweł Wierzbicki, lawyer at Block O’Toole & Murphy have all donated fantastic prizes!

Seniors had a chance to win 5 Kownacki Baby Face T-shirts donated by Pawel Wierzbicki, and the main prize donated by Adam and his brother was 2 tickets to Adam Kownacki’s upcoming fight taking place on July 30th 2022!
AND THE WINNERS ARE: Wieslawa, Barbara, Jolanta, Andrzej, Waclaw, Wanda and Stefan!

We would like to congratulate the winners and say thank you to our sponsors, the Kownacki team and our wonderful trainer Natalia!