Thursday, November 10: Songs of Independence

Theatre and Opera Society “THEOS” and Kasia Drucker Voice cordially invites you to the patriotic program “Song of Independence”

Kasia Drucker – Voice

Anna Kucay – Recitation
Ola Watras – piano

„Song of Independence” is a vocal and poetry recital on the occasion of the anniversary of Poland’s Independence, presenting the important role of song in Polish history. The program combines beautiful Polish patriotic poems from the partitions, November Uprising, January Uprising and Piłsudski’s Legions and Polish songs of those times. We will hear, among others, poems by Adam Mickiewicz, Maria Konopnicka and Cyrpian Kamil Norwid.
This recital is one of a series of performances entitled “Poland Painted with Poetry and Songs” which is part of the project “Vocal and Music Seniors Retreat”. It is one of the events to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Polish & Slavic Center. This performance is in Polish.

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