The SU-CASA project has been completed!

On Wednesday, June 21st 2023, an art exhibition crowded the floor as the several weeks program founded by Brooklyn Art Council, Lincoln Restler and the NYC Department for The Aging came to a close at the Krakus Senior Center. This year’s edition of Su-Casa at Krakus was conducted by the artist Asia Sztencel, who together with our Seniors created the beautiful exhibition “Let’s Paint Your Landscape Together”. Ten people participated in the project: Maria Conrad, Dzidka Kantor, Barbara Kiernożek, Zdzisława Barbara Kuszewski, Stanisława Krzyś, Grażyna Miezgiel, Władysław Miezgiel, Waldemar Ostrowski, Charles Richard and Anna Weber. The landscapes that decorated the portraits were painted by Krakus members and depicted memories of past and happy moments in our seniors’ lives. The Brooklyn Arts Council representatives visited the final exhibition congratulating the creators for their talents and commitment!