The concert “Carols with the Hejnal Choir” took place on January 21, 2024 at the Polish-Slavic Center 177 Kent St.

The most beautiful Polish Christmas Carols and Pastorals with the Hejnal Choir – Our annual concert fell on Grandma’s Day. This nice element of women’s care for children and grandchildren was a nice complement to the festive atmosphere we tried to create during this concert. So, after a short announcement by our chorister Anna Skupień, the Hejnal Choir under the baton of Dariusz Ocetek opened musically, with a kind of “Christmas hymn”, “Adeste Fideles”, which in the Polish version also sounds beautiful to the ear: “O come, you faithful, with songs of joy … Personally, when I perform this piece with the choir, I imagine this sublime phenomenon, these songs of joy, a festive procession going with joy. In this part of the concert, we also performed “From the Nativity of the Lord”, “Jezusek Czuwa”, “Brothers Look Jeno”, “A Coz z Ta Dziecina”.

After the choral introduction, the mood changed with the performance of the soloists, accompanied by Łukasz Plis on the piano.

So Patrycja Posłuszna sang with a beautiful operatic soprano and told the listeners “Gdy Śliczna Panna”, then opera bass Dariusz Ocetek convinced us “For Love to Become”. The next opening was Patrycja’s beautiful female soprano “Christmas Carols” again (a forgotten Christmas Eve theme but still touching), and at the end of this musical block Dariusz Ocetek’s bass “When the First Star”.

The Hejnal choir returned to the stage again with our carol singing, and we performed “Triumphs of the King of Heaven”, Nie Jest Place Dla Młodych”, “in Silent Holy Night”, “Silent Night”, “Today in Bethlehem” and at the end of our performance we sang with our beloved audience “Wśród Nocnej Ciszy”.

At the end of the Concert, an official thank you from the president of the Hejnał choir, Mirosław Kostro, who, together with Maryla Kopyto, our vice-president, thanked the PSC hosts for providing the room and our sponsors such as: Fr. The parish priest of St. Kostki for providing a room for choir rehearsals, as well as Ewa & Małgosia”, “Cafe Rivera”, Piekarnia Staropolska, and Jeff & Teresa Pogorzelski for financial assistance.

We did not forget about “Grandmothers and their world” on this day, January 21, and a very nice “9-year-old beautiful soloist”, Natalka Nawałka, sang a beautiful pastoral for Grandmothers and Grandfathers. And the granddaughters of our vice president, the girls Isabella and Victoria Hendriksen, wished all Grandmas a happy Day.

And it may seem that all the surprises have already happened, but no. Because Mr. Mark Filatov, a famous tenor, was late for his performance, however, after the concert was almost over and while the invited guests were drinking coffee and cake, he beautifully (as an apology) from the stage, wished all the Grandmothers and sang atmospherically with the piano accompaniment “Lulajże Jezuniu” and “Let’s all go to the stable”

And this nice gesture and his quiet tenor voice “lulajże…” put everyone in a great mood. We would like to thank all our guests and sponsors and invite you to our concerts.”