Talk with the authors” Case of the Warsaw Lovers”

April 2, Tuesday, 12.30 pm we invite everyone for the meeting with directors of the Polish comedy “Case of the Warsaw Lovers” that will have its American Premiere on March 31 at 2 pm during the United Solo Festival at the Theater Row in New York City.


The story of a modern 35-year-old man living in Warsaw, Poland, who is looking for the true meaning of his life. He ends his stressful job in a corporation and begins to search for the true meaning of his life. His passion has always been writing and music. By opening a new chapter in life, he can now live like an artist. He didn’t have time for this before. Krzysztof begins his journey through the world of music, nightclubs, working for Uber, alcohol, yoga, ayahuasca and, of course, women who will make him feel dizzy. Can you find the meaning of life in all this? Will the path taken by the main character of the comedy monodrama inspired by the novel Women by Charles Bukowski allow him to achieve fulfillment?


Director: Diana Karamon

Choreographer: Lillet Lamour

Aktor: Grzegorz Jarek

Authors: Diana Karamon, Grzegorz Jarek

Music: Diana Karamon

Time: 75 min