Talent show at Krakus Senior Center!

alent is timeless! Krakus Senior Center members beautifully proved it by participating in the first edition of the Krakus talent show organized by the NYC Department for the Aging! During the local competition at Krakus Senior Center, 7 seniors presented their vocal, musical, and declamatory talents! The panel of judges consisting of program director Artur Pustula, CEO Agnieszka Granatowska and PSC volunteer Angelina Podkalicki chose 3 finalists: Anna Kucay who recited a poem with piano accompaniment by Leokadia Watras; the duet Tadeusz Nowak and Leokadia Watars performing comedic sketch “Mela and Felu”, and lastly Dzidka Kantor who amused the public with her amazing sense of humor! The winners of the local competition moved to a Regional Competition that will take place this summer!
Thank you DFTA for the opportunity to participate in the talent show and good luck to all our seniors in the second round!