Strong Sounds Resounded at PSC – Metal Festival at Kent 177, Brooklyn

Strong Sounds Resounded in PSC

The beautiful, restored old Evangelical church belonging to the Polish-Slavic Center does not remember such an event. On Saturday, April 20, the walls of the church were red hot, all thanks to wonderful music. Three bands appeared on stage: Atura, METALFIER and Prime Prophecy. All mentioned bands are among the leading representatives of the Polish heavy metal scene on the East Coast. During the nearly 4-hour event, the bands played mainly original compositions. However, there were also well-known metal covers.
Metal Festival is another musical initiative that was born in the Polish-Slavic Center. Last year, in the fall, the CPS Rock Festival was successfully held, and jazz performances and classical music concerts are regularly organized in the welcoming walls of the Center.
I am very glad that the first edition of the Polish-American metal festival took place on the stage in the old church at the Polish-Slavic Center in Greenpoint – said Agnieszka Granatowska, executive director of the Polish-Slavic Center, which is the organizer of the event. As part of fruitful cooperation, with Krzysiek Buczko and Marcin Żurawicz and musicians from various states, we created a new festival during which we presented the work of talented artists of the Polish and American metal scene. I am very pleased that PSC is becoming a place where artists like to perform and the audience comes to us to have a great time. We undoubtedly manage to implement various ideas at the Center and this festival only confirms what a unique organization the PSC is. I must admit that our goal is to organize music events at the highest possible level. The bands we invited presented different varieties of heavy music, but what they all had in common was a high artistic level. So far, we have not had such an event at the Polish Slavic Center – added Agnieszka Granatowska.
The organizers of the Festival event would like to thank the volunteers – PSC employees. Igor Wieczorkowski, Claudia Nytko, Lech Dardzynski, Adam Targowski, Bozena Nowak, and Tadeusz Nowak, our club member from the Krakus Senior Club, helped during this evening. The festival was attended by representatives of the Board of Directors, including Zbigniew Solarz, treasurer of PSC, who honored us with his presence.
Today we invite you to the next Jazz Festival in June and Rock Festival in September.
We would like to express our special thanks to the sponsors.
The event sponsors were…
Carpex INC
Robert Chibowski
Semper Omni Inc.
Schaefer Enterprises
Agnieszka Muczyński BIG ORANGE
KR Sound
Polish-Slavic Center