Rock Music Sounded at the Center in Greenpoint!

ROCK sounded at the Center in Greenpoint!

There hasn’t been an event like this in the Polish district for a long time. On Saturday, September 16, in the Center.
The Polish-Slavic PSC Rock Festival took place in Greenpoint at 177 Kent Street. That evening, the newly restored former church building turned into a temple of rock, which was announced at the very beginning by Agnieszka Granatowska, executive director of the Polish and Slavic Center, who opened the Festival together with vice-consul Anna Wańczyk from The Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in New York and Marcin Żurawicz, co-organizer of the event. Marian Żak, president of CPS, who has been known for years, was also present in the room supporting Polish music and art in its various styles and varieties.
The following bands played during the Festival: SOVA, Dzieci PRL-u and Wehikuł Czasu. All the above-mentioned formations are among the leading representatives of the Polish rock scene East Coast. It’s no wonder that the audience gathered in the hall quickly gave in, got carried away by the lively music and had a great time during the nearly 4-hour event, the bands presented both their own compositions and well-known rock songs
covers. At the beginning of the event, the charismatic vocalist of the band Sova got the crowd going, Wojciech Galadyk, who did not hide his joy that he could sing and play for the New York audience. His enthusiasm quickly spread to the other musicians. Dawid Czajka, frontman of the band ‘Dzieci PRLU’ – could only maintain this mood, and he did it brilliantly, performing their greatest hits with the band, such as “Nadleż Czas”, as well as a range of Polish rock hits. The already legendary vocalist Marcin Wilczek appeared with his group ‘Wechikul Czasu’ on stage as the last act, as usual, performing the most daringly famous songs of the band Dżem. It is worth adding that he was accompanied on drums by no less legendary, doyen of the Polish music scene, drummer Tomasz Unrat, known for example from performances in the Blenders band.
That evening the food was not only for the spirit, but also for the body. It was possible on site to taste specialties of Polish cuisine and Polish beer, which was provided by numerous sponsors. “I am very proud that our organization is opening up to such a variety of events this time as well, we showed that we can have great fun with rock music” – said Agnieszka Granatowska, Executive Director of CPS. This festival is proof that the Center
undergoes a real metamorphosis. Thank you all for attending the first one rock festival and seeing what a great atmosphere there was during this event. Now I know that rock music, as well as the festival itself, will be a permanent fixture in our calendar events – she added.
I would like to thank the artists and everyone who appeared on and on the stage today – said Marcin Żurawicz, creator of the Festival and its co-organizer. A big tribute is due to the Center’s authorities and directors for their support and openness to this type of musical initiatives. It is already clear that there is a need for this the idea of the festival was continued. And this will probably happen, he added.
This former church hall is an amazing place to play, at the same time somehow monumental, but also intimate – said Wojciech Galadyk, the band ‘Sova’s’ vocalist. As a team, we are impressed by the entire Festival. Great organization and facilities, warm reception and lively reception of the concert, which makes us even happier that there were many older people audience, and this is a generation that sometimes does not identify with the rock style and message.
However, there was a surprise here, we felt approval, understanding and good energy on stage. There were also many mutual friends, artists, activists from various circles, and all around on the walls drawings, graphics and photographs. It even felt like the bar was set high. We all wholeheartedly support the Festival and its continuation next year. We will definitely show up, he added.
The sponsors of the first edition of the rock festival at the Polish Slavic Center were:
Polish-Slavic Center, M & A Projects Inc., NEW Christina’s Restaurant, Karczma, Pierożek, Art Pix Photo Agency, Arthur’s Funeral Chapels, Inc., The Platta Law Firm, PLLC, Romuald P. Magda, ESQ.
The festival took place under the honorary patronage of the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in New York and Bogdan Malinowski, who is this year’s Pulaski District Parade Marshal for Greenpoint.
SOVA is a Philadelphia rock band formed in 2019. A team of character, dynamic and “with a claw”. He plays both classic rock and indie, blues – rock, funky – rock and more. He mainly performs Polish punk, rock and alternative hits and songs.
Children of the Polish People’s Republic is a rock band founded in 2010 in New York. True to the name, the band’s style refers to the roots of contemporary Polish rock music, which was born at a time when Poland was behind the Iron Curtain.
Wehikuł Czasu, existing since 2003, is a band that brilliantly performs the legend’s songs Polish blues-rock band, i.e. the band Dżem.



Zosia Zeleska-Bobrowski