PSC received proclamations from New York councilmen

Two New York Councilmen: Lincoln Restler (D33) and Robert L. Holden (D30) paid a visit at the Polish and Slavic Center to present us with a proclamation on the 50th anniversary of our organization. The city officials honored the PSC for our continued dedication to the promotion of Polish culture in New York as well as for empowering immigrants and other New Yorkers with social and legal assistance. “For five decades, they have provided food and entertainment as well as vital services for seniors and the Polish diaspora in our community.

A big thank you to Marian Zak and everyone at PSC for having Council Member Lincoln Restler and me,” said CM Holden.

Krakus’ members, Marianna Prusaczyk and Waldemar Ostrowski presented the guests with thanks and small gifts.

We are grateful to Council Members for the continued support they have granted our organization!