PSC President was introduced at the floor of the NYS Assembly prior to the resolution honoring Polish Ameircans

Mr. Marian Zak, President of the Polish and Slavic Center, represented our organization a the NYS State Assembly which passed its annual resolution honoring the Polish heritage and contributions of Polish-Americans. In advance of the resolution, Mr. Zak, along with members of the North Brooklyn Development Corporation was introduced on the floor of the Legislature by Assembly Member Emily Gallagher who had invited Mr. Zak to NYS Assembly for this important occasion. We are grateful you AM Emily Gallagher for all you do for our district and for being a great friend of the PSC.

“I am very happy that the Polish Slavic Center has such devoted friends [in Albany] and that the office [of AM Gallagher] is so cordial to our organization,” said Mr. Zak

See a video from the ceremony at the NYS Assembly: