Press Release from the Polish-Slavic Center – Decision of the Nominating Committee

Press Release from the Polish-Slavic Center

By decision of the Nominating Committee of April 12, 2024, the following persons were approved

for the Board of Directors:

Robert Chibowski, Artur Dybanowski, Paweł Pachacz, Zbigniew Solarz

To the Audit Committee:

Edith Greer

Candidates for the Board of Directors who have not been nominated by the Nominating Committee and qualify under the statute of the Polish Slavic Center and would like to stand for election must submit a petition.

To obtain a petition, potential candidates must be registered at the Polish-Slavic Center. Only original petitions received at the Polish-Slavic Center are valid – copies will not be accepted.

Petition kits will be available by appointment at the Polish and Slavic Center, 176 Java Street, Room 3, Brooklyn, NY 11222.

Complete petitions must be delivered to the Polish and Slavic Center no later than 2 PM, May 24, 2024. According to the current statute of the Polish-Slavic Center, the petition should be signed by at least 5% of the members of the Polish-Slavic Center, which is no less than 1,450 valid signatures of the members of the Polish-Slavic Center. The signatures are subject to verification by the Nominating Committee.