President of the Chopin Society Chicago at the JP2 Friendship Center

On Friday, April 19, at the JP2 Friendship Center in Manhattan, launched a meeting with Mr. Jarosław Gołębiowski – president of the Chopin Society from Chicago – took place. Mr. Jarosław is a composer and Polish activist and he presented the history of the organization to East Village older adults, also recalling the concert dedicated to Pope John Paul 2, and also talked about the life of the Polish community in Chicago, recommending places worth visiting for Poles who are going to visit Chicago in the near future. Mr. Jarosław’s visit to New York was combined with a Sunday concert by the pianist from Illinois: May Phang, and the visit to the JP2 Friendship Center was the only Polish center he visited during this short visit. All seniors present received a free invitation to the Sunday concert at the Klavierhaus. Thank you for visiting our center.

John Paul 2 Friendship Staff