On March 29, an Easter Meeting took place at CPS at the Krakus Senior Club

Today, an extraordinary event took place at the Krakus Senior Center PSC– Easter Meeting! Our special guests of honor were Father Józef Szpilski and the President of the Polish-Slavic Center Marian Zak, Treasurer Zbigniew Solarz, as well as Executive Director Agnieszka Granatowska, and Program Director Artur Pustuła.

During this unique meeting, we had the pleasure of participating in the ceremonial blessing of food and listening to a beautiful performance of the KRAKUS Choir conducted by Anna Kucay.

There was also a competition for the most beautiful Easter basket – and the choice was really difficult! Mrs. Anna Weber won! Congratulations!!!

We wish all our Seniors, the Management of the Polish Slavic Center and their families a wonderful, joyful and peaceful Easter! May these Easter days be a time full of love, mutual understanding, joy and PEACE!

Thank you,