On January 20, the Polish-Slavic Center in Greenpoint held a Carnival Party for children

Carnival party for children at the Polish-Slavic Center in Greenpoint

Children’s games during carnival are part of the Center’s tradition and are one of the permanent points of the organization’s program. At the same time, these are always big challenges for the organizers, who are obliged to provide not only interesting music for this age group, but also many other attractions, because we all know how much energy our little ones have.

On Saturday, January 20, 2023, a carnival party for children took place in the CPS hall at Java Str. The room was filled with children, parents, grandparents and representatives of Polish organizations. Almost the first to arrive was the councilor of district 33 – Lincoln Restler – I always visit adult representatives of CPS and seniors from the Krakus club, today I will watch how children play – said the counselor. Vice-consul Krzysztof Płaski with his family and members of the Center’s Board of Directors were welcomed with joy: Marian Zaka – president, Bożena Konkiel – member of the Board of Directors, Zbigniew Solarz – treasurer, along with almost all employees, the ceremony was led by Agnieszka Granatowska – executive director of CPS and her assistant Claudia Nytko. Local residents and representatives of the Polish community were welcomed along with Danuta Bronchard – a friendly director of the Polish School. M. Konopnicka in Greenpoint, and a former long-time member of the board of directors of CPS. The hall and tables were decorated in a very carnival style, there were places where you could get hot chocolate and delicious cakes, and during the dance break, everyone present could eat a hot dinner prepared by CPS employees. Attractions that interested children included the opportunity to receive their favorite balloon toy, which was blown up by an invited specialist. Magic Gary was very popular, as he introduced children to the secrets of real magic and very fun magic games. Children’s face painting was also very popular, and it has been run for years at the Polish-Slavic Center by Ewa Maria Węglarz as a volunteer, to whom we are very grateful. Energetic music and personal participation in dancing lessons together with a group of young employees were provided by DJ Daniel and a group of invited volunteer dancers, and a dance with lights was performed, which each child received as a gift. The fun ended with a raffle, during which most children or parents drew interesting prizes, including Lego sets, gift baskets and two electric scooters donated by The Platta Law Firm – Sławomir Platta Esq. See you next year!

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