METAL FESTIVAL at the Polish & Slavic Center – April 20th

Powerful Instrumentals at the Polish Slavic Center in Greenpoint

The Metal Festival will take place on Saturday, April 20, at the Polish Slavic Center in Greenpoint, in the newly restored former church building at 177 Kent Street.

The following bands will play during the Metal Festival: Atura, Metalfier and Prime Prophecy. All mentioned bands are among the leading representatives of the Polish heavy metal scene on the East Coast. During the nearly 3-hour event, the bands will present primarily their own compositions. However, there will also be well-known metal covers.

Metal Festival is another musical initiative that was born in the Polish Slavic Center. Last year, in autumn, the PSC Rock Festival was successfully held, and jazz performances and classical music concerts are regularly organized in the welcoming walls of the Center.

I am very glad that the first edition of this Polish-American metal festival will take place on the stage in the old church at the Polish-Slavic Center in Greenpoint – said Agnieszka Granatowska, executive director of the Polish-Slavic Center, who is the organizer of the event. As part of fruitful cooperation with musicians from various states, we have created a new festival during which we will present the work of talented artists of the Polish and American metal scene. I am very pleased that the PSC is becoming a place where artists like to perform and the audience comes to us to have a great time. We undoubtedly manage to implement various ideas at the Center and this festival only confirms what a unique organization PSC is. I must admit that our goal is to organize music events of the highest possible level. The bands we invited present different varieties of heavy music, but what they all have in common is a high artistic level. So far, we have not had such an event at the Polish Slavic Center – added Agnieszka Granatowska.

Atura is a heavy metal band from New Jersey formed in 2014. An interesting fact is that the band performs in Polish. They have performed at many Polish festivals and played for bands such as Feel, Dżem and De Mono. They released the album Atura – Czas, and the musicians are currently working on their second album. The band consists of: Mariusz Nowak (vocals), Marek Niemiec (guitar), Konrad Ceremuga (guitar), Andrzej Gościak (keyboards), Michał Majcherczyk (bass), Esteban Santana (drums).

Metalfier was founded in 2006 in New York. In their playing, the band combines many genres of heavy metal, including trash metal, death metal, speed metal songs, but also 80s-style ballads. The band has released 3 studio albums: Devil Inside My Head (2012), Into The Unknown ( 2016) and Heavy Metal Life (2018). Metalfier performed on joint tours with, among others, Marty Friedman, former guitarist of the famous trash metal band Megadeth, with the black metal legend Venom, with the queen of heavy metal Doro Pesch, as well as with the bands Queensrÿche and Destruction. Band members: Andrew Janda (vocals). Mike (guitar), Jimmi (bass), Bernard (drums).

Prime Prophecy was founded in 2003 in New York, so it has been pleasing fans of strong sounds for over 20 years. The members of Prime Prophecy describe their musical style as symphonic, progressive metal. During their two decades of existence, the band recorded three albums. The first of them was “Perfection Finally Has Its Price”, released in 2006. In 2011, the album Dark Side of Heaven was released, and in 2023 “Borders of Infinity” was created. The band is also known for a song composed especially for the boxer Mariusz Wach when entering the ring. One of the most important achievements in the history of Prime Prophecy was taking 3rd place out of 300 bands during one of the editions of the famous Emergenza festival. The band consists of: Marcin Wilczek (vocals), Konrad Ceremuga (guitar), Darek Pakuła (guitar), Tomek Tworek (keyboards). Andrzej Maziarz (bass), Krzysiek Niewiarowski (drums).