Meeting with photographer Grzegorz Litynski

On May 6, 2022 at 11am, a very interesting meeting with the famous Polish photographer Grzegorz Litynski took place at the John Paul II Senior Center in Manhattan. Author of many well-known documentary photo exhibitions presented our seniors with beautiful and interesting photos from his stay in Ukraine.

He told amazing stories about the lives of people in the country and their experiences during the war that is now taking place in their country. He documented his stories with touching photos that made a great impression on our seniors. Mr. Grzegorz Litynski in such difficult and dangerous conditions tried to show the world the real situation and the real everyday life of soldiers and people who are live there now.

Mr. Litynski’s visit was a special importance for our Senior Center John Paul II because our members are also people from Ukraine who have their families and friends there.
We are very grateful to Mr. Grzegorz Litynski as well as the organizers from the Polish Slavic Center for organizing such a touching and beautiful meeting with the man who was there and thanks to whom we could see and hear the TRUTH