Meeting with Artists from the Polish Theater XL who did presented play during United Solo Festival last week

On April 2 at the JP Friendship Center operating at the Polish-Slavic Center, had a meeting with actors from the XL theater from Warsaw. It took place right after their American premiere of this year’s only Polish play “The Cases of the Warsaw Lover” during the United Solo Festival at the Row Theater on the 42nd Street. The meeting was with the founders of the XL theater: Diana Kamaron and actor Grzegorz Jarek. This is a monodrama inspired by the works of Charles Bukowski, Lengren’s drawings and contemporary life in Warsaw. One-man show with a whole gallery of characters, live music and top places on the map of the capital.

At the only meeting with the Polish community in New York, the artists shared their memories of working on the show and the succesful invitation from New York for the festival. We also managed to present fragments of a monodrama on the 19th anniversary of the death of John Paul II, the patron of the club in Manhattan. Thank you for your visit and we wish the artists further success on various stages.

JP2 Friendship Center in Manhattan.