Meeting Between Councilmember Lincoln Restler and Seniors from the Krakus Senior Center in Pierożek

On June 3, a meeting took place in Greenpoint, bringing together seniors from Krakus Senior Center PSC and Brooklyn councilman Mr. Lincoln Restler  – District 33, – Greenpoint, Northside Williamsburg, South Williamsburg, Brooklyn Heights, Downtown Brooklyn, DUMBO, Boerum Hill, Vinegar Hill, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn Navy Yard. Lunch took place at the popular local restaurant Pierożek, where participants had the opportunity to spend time in a pleasant atmosphere, savoring tasty dishes and enjoying company.

Seniors from the Krakus Senior Center did not hide their satisfaction with this event. It was another meeting with Mr. Restler, who had the opportunity to meet members of our active seniors’ club earlier, in September 2023. This time, however, the atmosphere was even more cordial and friendly, which made the time spent together more enjoyable.

Mr. Restler, known for his involvement in local community affairs, turned out to be an excellent host. He talked to seniors about their everyday problems, the challenges they face and listened to their suggestions for improving the quality of life in Brooklyn. His openness and willingness to listen to the needs of older residents of the district were greatly appreciated.

During the meeting, the seniors gave the councilor a souvenir photo from the September meeting, which was a nice gesture reminding them of their earlier moments together. This gift brought a smile to Mr. Restler’s face, and he promised that he would continue his work for seniors with the same commitment.

This meeting is a perfect example of how important these types of initiatives are in building strong and integrated communities. Thanks to them, seniors feel appreciated and noticed, and local politicians have the opportunity to better understand their needs and expectations. Mr. Lincoln Restler has shown that he is not only an effective councilman, but also a person who really cares about his constituents.

Urszula Galej

Program Coordinator