Makowicz-Medyna-Dingler Jazz Ensemble and promotion of a novel by prof. Alex Motyl


On Saturday, May 6, 2023, the 177 Kent Street auditorium filled with the sounds of exquisite jazz played by phenomenal Makowicz-Medyna-Dingler Jazz Ensemble.

The concert accompanied a discussion of a novel by prof. Alexander Motyl which recently was published in Polish under a title “Ostatnia Stacja Pituna”. Alexander Motyl is a professor of political science at Rutgers University. An internationally renowned expert in the field of Russia, Ukraine, Soviet Union, Nationalism, Revolution, War, and human rights. He is an author of numerous books and articles; a media expert, and commentator. During the evening he received a Medal of the Medal of the 75-th Anniversary of Jan Karski Mission for “his consistent defining of the political system in Putin’s Russia in an analogy to Hitler’s fascism,” as well as his “ruthless exposing the truth about about the criminal character of Russian totalitarianism and its dictator.”

Photo: Wojtek Kubik and Aleksandra Słabisz