Magical Christmas Play at Krakus Senior Center

The Christmas gathering that took place at Krakus Senior Center was the most magical event of the past year. Polish Slavic center directors together with Krakus’ representatives began the celebration by sending everyone their best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

Next, the clergy guardian of PSC, Father Joseph Szpilski, blessed Christmas wafers and prayed to give thanks for the very fruitful past year and for a Christmas full of love and happiness. The main event of the day that won the hearts of the audience was the yearly Nativity Play. The performance was given by choir “Krakus” which was directed and set designed by Katarzyna Drucker. A wonderful atmosphere and Christmas spirit was felt among the audience! The biggest surprise for both performers and club members was the appearance of polish musician and poet Stan Borys! The artist presented two very moving songs and wished his best to PSC and KSC.

Christmas is absolutely the most wonderful time of the year full of warmth, joy and time spent together. We are incredibly happy that we were able to spend this Christmas in such a wonderful, magical, and family atmosphere! Thank you everyone for coming!