Announcing The Greenpoint Children’s Choir!

The Greenpoint Children’s Choir was founded in Autumn of 2022 by the initiative of a well-known New York musician of the younger generation, Nicholas Kaponyas, and opera singer Kerri Thompson. There has long been a need for this kind of children’s choir, through which young people from Greenpoint and the surrounding area could develop their musical skills.

Thanks to the Polish and Slavic Center, the choir found a place to practice and meet for rehearsals that take place once a week at the center. The choir is made up of children from not only Greenpoint but other neighborhoods too, and parents praise the level of classes while also strongly encouraging others to bring their children to these rehearsals as well.

Since its founding, the choir has had a very joyful atmosphere. New friendships have been made not only between children, but also between their parents and guardians who willingly take part in the choir’s activities. The choir students enjoy spending time this way and have the occasion of getting to know songs that are not promoted in New York schools.

Kerri Thompson, who conducts the choir, makes sure that the rehearsals have an interesting form, and the choir director Nicholas Kaponyas, deals with the logistics and accompaniment during rehearsals and performances.

The choir has performed six times so far: in Brooklyn City Hall on behalf of Polish Heritage Month; at a tree-lighting ceremony and a Santa meet-and-greet event organized by the Polish-Slavic Center; at a Christmas carol concert organized by the Polish-Slavic Center; a tree-lighting organized by the councilors of Greenpoint; an anniversary concert for KOBO Music Studio; and lastly, at the Children’s Day event organized by the Polish-Slavic Center.