Krakus Senior Center event on the occasion of the anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution – May 3rd

On May 2, an extraordinary event took place at the PSC Krakus Senior Center on the occasion of the anniversary of the Constitution of May 3, which brought us together to celebrate and reflect on our history.

One of the most touching moments of this event was the performance of the KRAKUS Choir conducted by Kasia Drucker Voice. Their voices, full of passion and dedication, filled the hall with music that touched the hearts of all present.

The choir performed a number of songs and poems whose main theme was to celebrate the anniversary of May 3. From traditional folk songs to the national anthem, their repertoire was a true tribute to Polish history and culture.

Thanks to events such as this academy at the Krakus Senior Center, we can strengthen social bonds, nurture our cultural heritage and build a better future based on respect for our history and traditions.