Krakus Senior Center Celebrated Mother’s Day and the May Birthdays of its Seniors on May 30th

On Thursday, May 30, a unique ceremony took place at the Krakus Senior Center PSC, during which we celebrated the birthdays of our May seniors and Mother’s Day. It was a day full of emotions, joy and warm wishes.

The ceremony began with warm greetings and best wishes! Everyone gathered could feel the unique atmosphere of this day.

The main attraction of the evening was the performance of the Krakus choir conducted by Kasia Drucker Voice. The choir presented a beautiful repertoire of songs and poems about Mother’s Day and May birthdays. Their performance brought a lot of emotion and joy, and was also a great opportunity to sing together and celebrate these special moments.

After the choir’s performance, we traditionally sang “Happy Birthday” and the wishes were endless!

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to organizing this wonderful event, and all participants for their presence and fun together. We wish all May birthday seniors and mothers a lot of health, fulfillment of dreams and many beautiful moments in the coming years!

See you at the next celebrations at the Krakus Senior Center PSC