The Erka Cabaret’s Production, “Let’s Go back to the old days” – took place for the second time on January 12

Erka Cabaret – Let’s go back to the old days – for the second time

On Friday, January 12, in the hall of the Polish-Slavic Center at 177 Kent Street in Brooklyn, the already famous Cabaret “Erka” performed an extended program “Let’s go back like the old days”.
The performance of the ERKA Cabaret was wonderful, as evidenced by the frequent loud applause. The audience was great. ERKA members performed at a very high level. The women: the lyrical Anna Kucay, the sexy Edyta Sitarz and the characteristic Ola Watras, and the men: Andrzej sang and acted songs from old pre-war cabarets very well. Jakubiec, Andrzej Kuszewski, Bogdan Konopka and Antoni Wilczek. There were also witty skits. The greatest applause went to: Maria Pawlikowska-Jasnorzewska’s poem “Aunts” performed by Anna Kucay and the sketches “Różyczka” performed by Andrzej Jakubiec and Antoni Wilczek and “Beniek” performed by Andrzej Jakubiec and Andrzej Kuszewski.
It was good fun and a lot of humor. The direction, adaptation and costumes were supervised by Anna Kucay, who also painted beautiful programs herself, and Alicja Kenig, who was also the music director, provided great accompaniment on the piano. The founder and manager of the Cabaret is Andrzej Jakubiec.
The sponsors were: the Polish-Slavic Center and Marek Wójcicki from Markowa Apteka.
Delicious cakes were prepared by ladies from the Krakus Choir: Halina Jaworska, Marianna Prusaczyk,
Janina Radziejowska and Grażyna Ostrowska.

Text and photos: Zosia Zeleska-Bobrowski

Anna Kucay

Ola Watras

Andrzej Jakubiec

Andrzeja Kuszewskiego

Edyta Sitarz i Andrzej Kuszewski

Bogdan Konopka, Andrzej Kuszewski, Andrzej Jakubiec i Antoni Wilczek

Andrzej Kuszewski i Anna Kucay

Andrzej Jakubiec i Andrzej Kuszewski

Anna Kucay

Edyta Sitarz i Andrzej Jakubiec Alicja Kenig Andrzej Kuszewski Andrzej Jakubiec, Marek W

L-R Antoni Wilczek, Andrzej Kuszewski, Andrzej Jakubiec, Ola Watras, Edyta Sitarz,
Anna Kucay, Bogdan Konopka

L-R Antoni Wilczek, Anna Kucay, Alicja Kenig, Andrzej Kuszewski, Andrzej Jakubiec,
Marek Wójcicki, Edyta Sitarz, Ola Watras i Bogdan Konopka

Andrzej Kuszewski,

Ola Watras, Andrzej Kuszewski

Anna Kucay

Andrzej Jakubiec, Ola Watras

L-R Andrzej Kuszewski, Bogdan Konopka, Anna Kucay, Andrzej Jakubiec, Ola Watras

Anna Kucay

Andrzej Jakubiec

Edyta Sitarz

Andrzej Jakubiec