JP Friendship Center Visit to “Krakus Senior Center” with puppet theater show.

On Tuesday, July 25, a theater performance took place at the Krakus Senior Club
puppet show operating at the John Paul II Friendship Senior Center in
Manhattan. JP2 Senior Older Adult Center from April, as part of the winning project
sponsored by the City of New York and the East Village Consul,
Carolina Riviera participated in the Loop 7 Puppet Theater Project from the legendary
La Mama theater located near the senior club JP2. The theater stayed
founded by Ellen Stewart in the 60s, as a counterbalance to theaters on
Broadway. This theater continues to enjoy great popularity. Has several
stages and is one of the major contemporary theaters in Manhattan.
Older Adults created their own stories from the future, also designing her own dolls and directing monologues under her supervision
employees and directors from La Mama Theatre. The whole thing was built in two
months and ended with a performance on June 30 at the JP2 Friendship Center in
Manhattan. The originator of the whole project is the famous Colombian choreographer i
puppet maker - Frederico Restrepo - associated with La Mama theater for over
20 years.
In the Krakus Club, excerpts from this performance were presented in
Polish version. Individual stories and imaginative puppets were well received by the audience.
Photos: Zosia Zalewska- Bobkowski