History lecture: Polish Americans for Poland’s Independence, 1914-1920

Today at the Krakus Senior Center, PhD Teofil Lachowicz conducted a lecture for our members. The topic of the lecture was “The Polish American Community for polish independence between 1914-1920”. This first lecture begins a recurring series by the Polish historian in Krakus Senior Center.

Historical facts about Poles in America as well as interesting anecdotes were met with great interest by Krakus’ members. During the lecture, senior center members had the pleasure of having guests from the Polish Slavic Center, CEO Agnieszka Granatowska and Director of Development Aleksandra Słabisz, in addition to Zofia Kłopotowska and Zbigniew Bielski. We would like to say thank you to all participants and invite everyone to the upcoming lectures and meetings with PhD Teofil Lachowicz.