Krakus Senior Club celebrated Fat Thursday at the Polish Slavic Center

Fat Thursday at the Krakus Senior Club at the Polish-Slavic Center was an unforgettable event that gave our seniors a lot of joy. The numerous guests were in good spirits, and the smiles on their faces brought joy to everyone around. The donuts were absolutely delicious and disappeared faster than expected, leaving only memories behind. However, it was not only the delicacies that made this day so special, but the atmosphere of community, love and acceptance that prevailed among us. Celebrating together, sharing stories, laughing and having fun – that’s it. Everything took place on Fat Thursday at the KRAKUS Senior Center extremely successful and unforgettable! We would like to thank all our wonderful seniors for making each meeting with you a unique experience, full of warmth and mutual kindness! We would also like to thank our wonderful employees who put their whole hearts into creating such special moments every day! We look forward to the next events that will surely come as magical as this one!