Erka Cabaret Concert: “Let’s Go Back to the Good Old Days” was held on September 15th

On Friday, September 15, in the Polish-Slavic Center Hall at 177 Kent Street in Brooklyn, the already well-known Cabaret “Erka” performed a new program “Let’s go back to the old days”. The performance of the ERKA Cabaret was wonderful and surprised everyone. The audience was great, and it was necessary to add chairs. In the new line-up, the members of ERKA performed very well high level. They sang songs from old pre-war cabarets and acted brilliantly, played by women: Anna Kucay, Edyta Sitarz and Ola Watras and men: Andrzej Jakubiec, Andrzej Kuszewski and Antoni Wilczek. There were also witty skits performed by: Anna Kucay, Ola Watras, Andrzej Jakubiec, Andrzej Kuszewski and Antoni Wilczek. Anna Kucay, who also painted, supervised the direction, adaptation and costumes, beautiful handmade programs, with great accompaniment on the piano by Alicja Kenig, who was also their Music director. The founder and manager of the Cabaret is Andrzej Jakubiec. The sponsor is Markowa Apteka.

Initiatives like this prove that there are a large number of talented people among our compatriots. Ambitious people who are to be trusted and helped promote their business. Thanks to the Erka Cabaret’s performance, the Polish Slavic Center’s scholarship fund received $1,319. It is a great honor for the PSC to have witnessed the revival of the recently renovated and professionally equipped stage and of this amazing group of talented people. The cabaret members have been rehearsing for a year and a half right here. Last Friday we witnessed an amazing event – and the ERKA cabaret delighted all guests. – said Agnieszka Granatowska, Executive Director of the PSC. ERKA members performed at a great level and also collected donations from viewers, which were donated to the scholarship fund of the Polish & Slavic Center.

“Thank you very much for this wonderful gesture and I invite others to such fruitful cooperation. After we have once again proven to ourselves that thanks to mutual trust and cooperation we can organize great events, the income from which this time will go to the fund account scholarship,” said Agnieszka Granatowska, Executive Director of the Polish Slavic Center.

Text and photos: Zosia Zeleska-Bobrowski