Easter Palm Competition Took Place at Krakus Senior Center

🐣🌸Easter Palm competition at Krakus Senior Center PSC! 🌸🐣

On Friday, March 25, at the PSC Krakus Senior Center, we had the great pleasure of organizing the Easter Palm competition. our seniors gave their all, creating extraordinary works of art!🌸🐣

🎨🥚After long consideration, we came to the conclusion that choosing the “prettiest” one was simply impossible. Each of them was unique, beautiful and full of individual charm!

🐇That’s why we are very happy to announce that all works have been awarded! 🏆💖

We would like to thank all participants for their commitment, creativity and amazing ideas! Your works make our holidays even brighter! 💖🎉👏

The following people took part in the competition:

Mrs. Marianna Prusaczyk

Mrs. Zofia Wiszniewska

Mrs. Małgorzata Końska

Mrs. Stanisława Krzyś

Mr. Krzysztof Zieliński