Collaborative workshop with Alzheimer Foundation in Spain and JP2 Friendship Center in NY

On May 9 at the John Paul 2 Friendship Center Manhattan, there was a project in which seniors created live visualization to the music presented on stage by performers. It was a project in cooperation with NYU and Fulbright researcher from Spain, Professor Jorge Sastre. By the possibilities of the SOUNDCOOL Program, idea was to connect online with the Alzheimer’s Foundation from Spain (20 people) and Seniors from the JP2 Club to interchangeably control the changing video to the presented music.

This was done live using tablets that were available on the tables for seniors at the JP2 Friendship Center and the Alzheimer’s Foundation in Spain.

Research shows that visual and tactile interactions help fight Alzheimer’s disease.

Soundcool allows for this type of interaction in real time.

Popular and classical music was performed.

Thank you for this charity project, which was later repeated at NYU.

Here is a photo report from the event which enjoyed great interest and received great applause.

Thank you and Bravo for that project. We had a lot of fun.