“Between Two Springs” Exhibition in Krakus Senior Center – May 10th

Friday, May 11 was a special day for us, full of art and inspiration. We would like to thank everyone who took part in the opening of the “Between Two Springtimes” exhibition at the Krakus Senior Center! Our extremely talented seniors, including Grazyna Miezgiel, Wladyslaw Miezgiel, Maria Conrad, Dzidka Kantor, Charles Richard, Alicja Wodnicka, Zdzisława Barbara Kuszewska, Jan Gluszek and Waldemar Ostrowski, under the supervision of Agnieszka Nowinska Art, presented their unique works that touched the hearts of all those present. Their talent and passion are truly admirable! We are extremely proud of our seniors and what they have achieved. Seeing their growing confidence and gratitude on their faces makes us feel truly happy and proud. It is an extraordinary experience that reminds us how much beauty art can bring, regardless of age. We would like to thank everyone who supported our seniors on this artistic journey. Let this exhibition be a continuation of their passion and an inspiration for all of us!