A remarkable day full of love at Krakus Senior Center!

On February 14th, Valentine’s Day is celebrated the world over! A day of love, kindness, and happiness. Today, the color red took center stage at Krakus Senior Center and boosted the Valentine’s atmosphere! The observance of this special holiday began with choir conductor Kasia Drucker together with special guest, musician, and writer Stan Borys! The Valentine’s Day concert prepared by choir “Krakus” is also a part of the Polish nationwide campaign organized by “Chórtownia” Foundation “Music – Support for People in Depression” its ambassador being Stan Borys. To begin, the choir’s conductor and Mr. Borys read an open letter from “Chortownia” bringing more awareness to depression. Choir “Krakus” Performed the most popular Polish language Valentine’s Day themed songs and poems. One more surprise awaited for our members! Girl Scouts from the local scout troop 2219 visited the seniors and handed them handmade Valentine’s Day cards and sweet treats wishing them all the best! The Girl Scouts are students from Public School 34 in Brooklyn. In 2016, PS 34 started America’s First Polish-English Dual Language Program in New York City!
Lastly, Polish music’s living legend Stan Borys performed for all the gathered people.

Thank you for coming to celebrate with us! The Krakus Senior Center team wishes you all love, happiness, and laughter on Valentine’s and for every single day of the year!