A Flute Concert at the PSC

On Saturday, January 21 2023, the Polish and Slavic Center hosted a concert by Renata Guzik, a professor from the Szczecin Academy of Music, where she teaches the flute class. Prof. Guzik presented compositions by L. Libermann, H.M. Górecki, T. Kassern, H. Schmidt, and Jakub Polaczyk, the director of our John Paul II Friendhsip Center in Manhattan.

Mr. Polaczyk composed a piece entitled “Chodok” and dedicated it to the PSC’s 50th anniversary. The piece had its premiere during the January concert.

The music performance was accompanied with visualizations by artists from the Academy of Art in Szczecin. As an added bonus, the audience could see paintings by Jerzy Kubina that are on view till February 14, 2023 at 177 Kent Street auditorium.