31st Annual National Older Adult Health and Fitness Day – Intergenerational Groove 2024, Foley Square

On Wednesday, May 29, the Older Adults Clubs of the Polish and Slavic Center: 
JP2 and Krakus participated in the 31st Annual Older Adults Health and Fitness Day and Celebration 
organized by DFTA on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of the founding of NYC called : Groove Dance.  
The celebration took place in Foley Square at City Hall and brought together many of the city's senior centers. 

It was a time to dance with music and beautiful weather and enjoy a meal prepared by the DFTA Office. 

We share photos and present the special event.
Schedule of the event:
9:45 AM Intro, Warm-u,; Moves
10:00 AM Groove
11:00 AM Cool Down and Reflect
11:20 AM Visit Vendors/Boxed Lunch
12:00 PM Event Ends