Women’s Day at Krakus Senior Center PSC was celebrated March 8th

Women’s Day at Krakus Senior Center PSC!

Today we had the opportunity to celebrate an extraordinary holiday – Women’s Day! Our amazing ladies were presented with beautiful carnations that symbolize our deep gratitude for their presence and contribution to our community. The atmosphere was enriched by the wonderful performance of the Krakus Choir conducted by Kasia Drucker Voice, who amused and moved us with their songs, and our gentlemen took part in the recitation of beautiful poems, adding even more magic to this special day. It was a unique experience, full of emotions and joy. We continued the celebration with a wonderful treat, during which we could all enjoy delicious croissants and spend time in a nice atmosphere. But that’s not the end of our great moments! Our gentlemen also rose to the occasion, helping with today’s “Grab and Go” so that you can enjoy delicious takeaway meals. We would like to thank all our irreplaceable women for their daily contribution, care and support! May every day be as special for you as this one.