“Talent is Timeless” organized by the NYC DFTA at the JP2 Friendship Center

June 20th at the John Paul 2 Friendship Center had the local competition for the “Talent is Timeless”.

There were 3 performances and 3 of them advanced to the next round.  One presented Polish famous song, the other presented American Song and the third act presented the Center Song with dance of the East Villagers Group”


The jury of the competition was :

Alicja Zakrzewski

Lucyna Zynda

Joanna Kurdziel

Jaroslaw  Krysztopowicz

Krystyna Chmielewska


Final Results of the local Talent is Timeless Competition 2024 at John Paul 2 Friendship Center :

1. Antoni Niwelt : „Zimny Drań”  90 points,

2. Orlinda Calmeid – gospel song : „ God will make a way by Don Moen” 85 points,

3. East Villagers 2 Dance Group (original own song in original choreography) 84 points. competitions was organized by the  Congratulations to everyone who participated, and looking forward to seeing all the winners perform again soon.