“Talent is Timeless” organized by the NYC Department for the Aging took place on June 20th

On Thursday, June 20, a unique event “Talent is Timeless” organized by the NYC Department for the Aging took place at the Krakus Senior Center PSC. The meeting gathered a large group of seniors who enthusiastically came to admire the performances of their talented peers.

The event began with a performance by Ola Watras, who delighted everyone by playing the piano and performing Chopin’s composition and “Ballad of Adelaide”. Then Anna Kucay delighted the audience with a beautiful performance of Édith Piaf’s songs. Stanisław Kulczycki warmed the audience’s hearts by playing the melodies “Girl, don’t love the uhlan” and “The stars are already disappearing in the sky” on the harmonium. The next point on the program was Genowefa Wanda Wójcik, who presented a poem from her book “Tadeusz Kościuszko – hero of several nations”.

Ola Watras and Tadeusz Nowak also performed a humorous standup titled “Felu and Mela”, causing laughter among the audience.

The jury, consisting of Executive Director of The Polish & Slavic Center (PSC) Agnieszka Granatowska, the irreplaceable senior Waldemar Ostrowski, who always helps in all events and projects at the Krakus Senior Center, and Claudia, an employee of the Polish Slavic Center, had the difficult task of selecting the winners of the first stage. It was a tough decision.

The following people advanced to the second stage: Anna Kucay, Ola Watras, and the duo Ola Watras and Tadeusz Nowak with their standup. Congratulations to all participants on their beautiful performances! We keep our fingers crossed and wish good luck to those who advanced to the next stage. You were all great and we are very, very proud of you!!!