Final performance of the “Shadow Puppet Theater” with Loco 7/ La Mama collaboration and SU CASA Program

June 25th at the JP2 Friendship Center together with La Mama and Puppet Theater as a part of SUCANSA took place the final presentation of the workshop prepared with seniors at the center regarding: Emigration.


Congratulations to all. After the performance there was a dessert party sponsored by Lowell Foods and our senior members.


Link to the perfromance:




Program of the performance:


  1. Ruth Tobacco – The Ephemeral Icon
  2. Jesse Marsh– Time Machine 
  3. Nora Glikman – War Monsters 
  4. JP2 Friendship Group project –  Walking Shoes: USA-Poland
  1. Megan Haungs – Magic Pig 
  2. Uta Szczerba – Eagle & Hummingbirds 
  3. Jeannie Chiang – Flaco the Owl 
  4. Teresa Mazur – Let’s dance Polonaise! (Invite people to dance)